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How-to: Open-source video looping device

The displays in our upcoming exhibition are completely self-prepared by the researchers, with prints from the copy shop, screens from our office, wood panels from the construction shop. We couldn’t have done it without our student assistants designing and preparing the posters and signs. And we had to improvise a...

Audiowalk: Rohrbrücke Ost (Läsuren)

Zum Nachhören: Mein Beitrag zum Audiowalk “Läsuren” (vorheriger Beitrag dazu): Audiowalk Läsuren von Urbane Dermatologie (Markus Mai, Moritz Mittelbach und Jo Preußler)Festival Osten 1. – 17.7.2022 in Bitterfeld-Wolfen Weitere Eindrücke von den Aufnahmen in Bitterfeld hier.

Note: Scanography as experimental community hardware

In this blogpost I want to describe experiments of digital image production with a mobile scanner. I am talking about rather cheap technology (under 50 Euros) of handheld book scanners. Over the years I developed an experimental practice of using such book scanners to scan various surfaces (windows, dancefloors, walls,...

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