Exhibition at Berlin Science Week (1-11 November)

In November (1 – 11 Nov) we will exhibit at the Berlin Science Week at Holzmarkt. The title of our installation is “The Power in/of Collections”. The exhibition includes researchers in Museums and Society – Mapping the Social, with other colleagues at TU and in Oxford.

This is our announcement text:

Collections and archives are places, that (re)produce worldviews and influence society. They can emanate from hegemonic viewpoints and perspectives, or conversely, focus on marginalized artistic expressions or stories of resistance. Building upon the long history of conflicts concerning the politics of collecting, the exhibition scrutinizes the dynamic between museums, academic science, and additional forms of knowledge production such as artistic or activist endeavors. It delves into the subject matter through three chapters. In the section “Power of Archives,” the focus is on collections of material created by social movements and marginalized groups. Here, the emphasis is on the archive as a space of resistance, where histories are nurtured, documented, and remembered, giving rise to alternative narratives distinct from those found in larger museums. These institutions are addressed in the second section under the title the “Power of Collections”. How to deal with art collections that are built upon and reproduce social inequalities? What power structures can be identified within the artworks, catalogs, and museum databases? Can they be interpreted as archives of injustice? At the core of the third section, titled “Critical Art Practice,” are artists’ power-critical perspectives on institutions. This concerns the potential of artistic works to create counter-narratives and induce shifts in perspective.

Collage of paintings in the Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin

In my part, I will investigate unadressed social issues in the Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin. I think the current debate about the changing social role of museums (ICOM debate about the new museum definition etc.) very often leaves out one crucial thing: Institutions can’t change by themselves. Social issues are brought up by movements, based on experience and solidarity. In the analysis of heritage institution, one needs to adress power openly and connect the work to social movements and social studies. This is a different program than outreach, openess and participation. It means to adress the power of the collections in heritage institutions. To see how the power of collections functions, history needs to be read against the grain, shifting the gaze towards who are the objects of the visual ideology.

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Lukas Fuchsgruber (28. September 2023). Exhibition at Berlin Science Week (1-11 November). Nullmuseum. Abgerufen am 15. Juli 2024 von https://doi.org/10.58079/sgoa

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